Heaven witha D Dog Rescue

Deer Park is home to our very own dog rescue:  Heaven Witha D. Rescuing stray dogs that have been abandoned or placed in shelters, founder Devon Rauenzahn has dedicated her life to making animals safe again.

Every day across Washington, dogs end up in shelters. Often, even in good  shelters, the dogs can develop illnesses, disassociate with people, and  may become aggressive, simply because of how long they are there and not in a safe home setting. Additionally,  shelters are forced to euthanize the  dogs due to the overabundance of animals that they receive. 

Devon Rauenzahn has dedicated 6 years to animal rescue efforts. She is the founder of Heaven Witha D, a dog rescue, in Deer Park. She has done some amazing work, and her rescue has recently become well known on social media. So much so, that she is at maximum capacity for adopters, which is an amazing thing. Rauenzahn rescues dogs from shelters, abandoned dogs, and she traps strays and trains them to make sure they find  loving homes. She takes in dogs from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and possibly Alaska and Canada.

Rauenzahn and her husband have put in the care to make it a fun and safe place for the dogs. They have large fences bordering their yard where interested adopters can sit and meet their potential family member. There is also a quarantine space for new animals to keep the other dogs safe for the first two weeks. Rauenzahn currently has multiple dogs who stand out from the others; she thinks people in our area would love to adopt. 

About Adopting

The adoption process is thorough to ensure that each dog finds a forever family and doesn’t end up back in a shelter. Potential Heaven Witha D adopters will need to:

  • Schedule and take part in a phone interview to see if there is a dog that is right for you
  • Meet the dog that is your potential match 
  • Fill out an application ($25 non-refundable fee)
  • Heaven Witha D will contact your vet and a personal reference to be sure your home is suitable
  • Have a virtual home tour to make sure it’s safe for the dog

Once everything has been approved, you will come meet the dog again

  • When ready, Heaven Witha D will deliver the dog to you

The adoption fee in all is $400, which includes some pretraining and all of their vaccines to get the dog up to date.

Heaven Witha D is always looking for volunteers. Cleaning up after the dogs is a hard job for just two people. If you volunteer, you will be able to spend quality time with the dogs. You get to socialize with the dogs, take them on walks, feed and water them when they need etc. It’s very rewarding work if you choose to do so. As a non-profit organization, they are always accepting donations for the dogs. Anything helps.
You can find them on facebook at: FB.me/HWDrescue

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