2020 Hindsight

January – First Annual Small Business Bingo

By: Editorial Team

Spokane County Library, a Neighborhood Champion for Small Business Saturday, has taken on the challenge of helping individuals discover phenomenal local stores in their community. This is the fourth year the library district has sponsored this event, but the first time Deer Park took part. 

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February – Deer Park Girls Basketball is headed to State.

By: Editorial Team

Though the Deer Park girls basketball team fell to Freeman in the district championship game 58-46, the Lady Stags came back to defeat Medical Lake 45 – 44 in a final chance “loser out” game. It’s the first time in 30 years Deer Park has sent a girls team to the State basketball tournament.

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March – School Food For Kids

By: Editorial Team

Starting Thursday, March 19th, free meals will be available to anyone in our community between the ages of 1-18. This service will only be available through the end of the statewide school closure. Food service will not be offered during spring break (April 6th – April 10th). The “grab and go” meals being prepared will include both breakfast food and a lunch meal in one sack – this food is provided at no cost to ALL children. 

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April – KC Ahrens Named NEA League Coach of the Year

By: Natalie S.

Ahrens has been coaching for 19 years. 9 of these years have been as head coach, 7 for boys basketball and 2 for girls. His zeal for coaching is accredited to his own high school basketball coach, who Ahrens says was a significant influence on his life. “Getting people to go in the right direction is huge—especially at 15, 16, 17, whatever the age of my athletes,” says Ahrens. “I just wanted to give back and be a positive influence like my coach was.”

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May – Fire At Historic Home

By: Editorial Team

 The home originally built in 1902 has long been unused and fallen into disrepair over recent years. Located at the intersection of Crawford and Colville Streets, part of the property was acquired from the owners by the City of Deer Park, to develop a roundabout. 

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June – Fireworks To Be No-Show

By: Editorial Team

Canceling the fireworks display for the 4th of July,  Mayor Tim Verzal cited concerns over public health amidst the ongoing pandemic. Depending on deputy availability, there will be extra enforcement of consumer fireworks laws in Deer Park. This year marks the first 4th of July with the new limitations on when you can use and buy fireworks. 

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Former PTO Sentenced - Plead Guilty

July – Former PTO Sentenced

By: Joanne Darassi

More than $25,000 of non-PTO transactions were made using forged checks, debit card purchases, and ATM withdrawals.  When Deputy Dutton officially questioned Lutrick about the findings, she admitted to committing the crimes.  She said the money was used for personal purchases and bills. Lutrick was formally charged November 13th, 2019, with 1 First Degree Theft count and 6 counts of Forgery.

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August – Will Your School Be Remote?

By: Crystal S.

In Dr. Lutz’ letter to the schools, he states, “Based on our rates, the existing science regarding COVID-19, and school reopening, I strongly recommend beginning the year in remote/continuous learning for all students. Consider in-person learning for those who have special health or education needs that cannot be met through remote learning.” Shortly after receiving this letter, Spokane Public Schools announced they will be starting the year with real-time distance learning, which has led many in our readership to wonder how their schools will handle this new complication.

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September – COVID-19 at Deer Park Middle School

By: Editorial Team

School started this year on September 8th, and by September 16th came the news that a student at Deer Park Middle School (DPMS) tested positive for COVID-19. The student is reported to be in 7th grade’s Gold group. In a letter to DPMS families, the Spokane Regional Health stated that all quarantine precautions and cleaning regimens have been followed and that DPMS will continue to remain open and have school. 

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October – Joshua Freed’s Write-In Campaign

By: Micca Tanner

Joshua Freed, former Bothell Mayor, and Republican announced that he would start a  “write-in” candidacy campaign for Lt. Governor. Freed initially ran for Governor in the primaries, but was beat out by Loren Culp. He has since decided that because two Democrats are running for the Lt. Governor position, he would make that his goal instead.

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November – Amazon Hub In Deer Park

By: Editorial Team

These lockers are for anyone who uses Amazon for their shopping needs. For residents, Deer Park has a somewhat notorious reputation for poor or delayed package delivery. Because of certain decisions in the past, many addresses in Deer Park are unvalidated, which means they are not always recognized by delivery services. Because of this issue, some in the community have resorted to sending their packages to friends or family in order to receive their items.

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December – Deer Park’s “Quaranteam”

By: Ellie Chambers

In an effort to uplift the community, and following the example set in both Spokane and the Colville/Kettle Falls area, Emily Unger has started a Deer Park chapter of the “Quaranteam”. This is an organized effort to aid local businesses and community members in need by gathering donations, then using them to buy meals at local eateries to feed individuals in need. No questions asked. 

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