Cloverleaf Education Services

After the recent shutdowns due to Covid-19, many students fell behind in school and began struggling. That’s when the founders, Merrilee Schulz and Autumn Mackert, of Sisters Song Studios decided it was time to branch out from teaching just music and started a low-cost tutoring facility called Cloverleaf Education Services.

Cloverleaf is a “full-service tutoring service” that teaches kids K-12 any subject, including music and choir. They offer full day distance learning support for students, along with individual tutoring both online or in person.  The instructors bring more than twenty years of experience in teaching and performance. Some of that teaching experience has happened in the last ten years in the Deer Park School District. They specialize in music and different learning styles as well. Together this makes them very diverse, local and have a wide variety of learning techniques that can fit anyone.

They are allowed to serve up to 8 students on the premises at one time. Their studios are clean and sanitized between each student, and they follow district standards for safety and cleanliness.

“We exist to help support online and distance learning education, as well as homeschooling and independent learning students, and help support excellence in education in all students.”    

To learn more or enroll, contact, or visit their location:

Open weekdays 9am – 5pm. 

Phone: 509-999-4691

Location: 3 ½ Main St Deer Park, Upstairs


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