Regarding Sunflowers


I believe that it is time to have a meeting with the two Sheriff departments. Steven’s and Spokane. Someone could get hurt. 

Let’s remove ourselves from the sun flower issue for just a moment. Let’s say you’re sitting in your living room and a car stops in your driveway. The people from the car, of course equipped with their wicker chair, come into your back yard and into your garden. Breaking plants, taking pictures etc…

I will show you one of my photos of sunflowers.  I was parked on a gravel road. I then put up a folding ladder in the back of my pick up. 

These people are trespassing and destroying private property. That is against the law.

Thank you for all the hard work you all do at the DP Gazette to keep us all informed.

Yours Truly, 

Paul Sager

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