Hotspot of Deer Park

The Chamber of Commerce’s coworking space dubbed the Hotspot celebrates its Grand Opening Tuesday November 17th! In light of the governor’s announcement the Hotspot will only be allowed 25% capacity at any time.

There will be an Open House: 9am-4pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon. Hors d’Oeuvres will be catered and individually packaged, drinks will also be available. 

Join the celebration of this groundbreaking idea coming to life.

104 N. Main Street

The Hotspot coworking space provides an open space for individuals or groups to work in a professional environment, with access to a secure internet connection, a printer and other office amenities, such as a conference room, break area, and coffee stations.  

Hotspot is the product of brainstorming efforts by Danielle Holstine and Jennifer Shorts, both members of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce. They recognized internet services still did not reach all local residents, but the rapidly changing world moving online was requiring a reliable connection for all who wished to remain viable in the current business environment. They saw a need to provide a service like this for area entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals who either do not have a reliable connection at home or would like to have a separate space from home in which to work. In addition to an open workspace, Hotspot can also be rented for leadership development, birthdays, and public use. Future plans include notary services and displaying a rotating gallery of local artisan work. 

The location at 104 N. Main Street was chosen “to drive improvement in the downtown area,” said Jeff Whittle, President of the Chamber. The building space itself was in need of huge renovations, including ripping up floors and tearing down walls. Construction was supported by Kilgore Construction. As part of the “Better Together, Deer Park, WA” economic and business initiative for the City of Deer Park, Hotspot benefited from the contributions of many talented and generous locals. Below is a list of those who either partnered and/or donated to the making of the Hotspot. Sincere thanks and gratitude goes to those who have made the newest business addition to Deer Park, including: 

  • Dan Roberts of Deer Park Physical Therapy donated hundreds of hours as Project Manager
  • Kilgore Construction as General Contractor
  • Watson & Harris for his donation of architectural plans
  • Boone Electric donated new electric lines
  • GSI Glass for windows
  • Reynolds Woodcraft  for custom cabinets
  • Ray Kamstra Construction for drywall
  • Edge Plumbing for plumbing
  • Noise Control of Washington for drop ceiling and acoustics
  • R&R Heating & Air for air conditioning
  • Spec-Tec Coatings for painting
  • IBEX Flooring for flooring
  • Northwest Steel Fab for railings
  • Comcast for hardwire internet
  • Discount Sign Warehouse for signs
  • Knight Construction donated clean up and debris removal
  • IRS Environmental of Washington for asbestos removal
  • 2020 City Council for continued support of local businesses and economy
  • Roger Kreiger for securing timely permits during the pandemic
  • Jennifer Shorts for interior design
  • Erick’s Realty, landlord
  • Jeff Whittle, Chamber Board President, 2020

For more information on how to rent a spot, contact the Chamber of Commerce:
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 509-276-5900

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