General Election 2020 Results


United States President & Vice President (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent:

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence

Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris DEMOCRATIC 2,341,901 58.15%

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence REPUBLICAN 1,555,447 38.62%

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen LIBERTARIAN 78,280 1.94%

Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker GREEN 17,786 0.44%

Gloria La Riva/Sunil Freeman SOCIALISM AND LIBERATION 4,690 0.12%

Alyson Kennedy/Malcolm M. Jarrett SOCIALIST WORKERS 2,413 0.06%

U.S. Representative Congressional District 5 (Partisan Office 2-year term) Incumbent: Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Dave Wilson DEMOCRATIC 150,522 38.93%

Cathy McMorris Rodgers REPUBLICAN 235,368 60.87%


Referendum Measure No. 90

This bill would require school districts to adopt or develop, consistent with state standards, comprehensive age-appropriate sexual health education, as defined, for all students, and excuse students if their parents request. 

Approved 2,254,356 57.93%

Rejected 1,637,005 42.07%

Advisory Vote No. 32 Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5323

The legislature imposed, without a vote of the people, a retail sales tax on passthrough charges retail establishments collect for specified carryout bags, costing $32,000,000 in its first ten years, for government spending.

Repealed 2,313,387 61.19%

Maintained 1,467,423 38.81%

Advisory Vote No. 33 Substitute Senate Bill 5628

The legislature imposed, without a vote of the people, a tax on heavy equipment rentals to consumers by heavy equipment rental property dealers, costing $103,000,000 in its first ten years, for government spending.

Repealed 2,226,004 59.5%

Maintained 1,515,468 40.5%

Advisory Vote No. 34 Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6492

The legislature increased, without a vote of the people, the business and occupation tax rate for certain businesses, while reducing certain surcharges, costing $843,000,000 in its first ten years, for government spending.

Repealed 2,297,980 61.93%

Maintained 1,412,594 38.07%

Advisory Vote No. 35 Engrossed Senate Bill 6690

The legislature increased, without a vote of the people, the business and occupation tax on manufacturers of commercial airplanes, including components or tooling, costing $1,024,000,000 in its first ten years, for government spending.

Repealed 2,031,735 54.38%

Maintained 1,704,413 45.62%

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8212

The legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on investment of public funds. This amendment would allow public money held in a fund for long term care services and supports to be invested by governments as authorized by state law, including investments in private stocks.

Approved 1,716,207 45.74%

Rejected 2,035,636 54.26%

Governor (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee DEMOCRATIC 2,268,560 56.75%

Loren Culp REPUBLICAN 1,716,081 42.93%

Lt Governor (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Cyrus Habib

Marko Liias DEMOCRATIC 1,197,398 33.54%

Denny Heck DEMOCRATIC 1,638,079 45.89%

Write In Joshua Freed REPUBLICAN 734,201 20.57%

Secretary of State (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Kim Wyman

Kim Wyman REPUBLICAN 2,081,392 53.52%

Gael Tarleton DEMOCRATIC 1,802,935 46.36%

State Treasurer (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Duane A. Davidson

Duane A. Davidson REPUBLICAN 1,787,967 46.36%

Mike Pellicciotti DEMOCRATIC 2,064,770 53.54%

State Auditor (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy

Chris Leyba REPUBLICAN 1,605,297 41.75%

Pat (Patrice) McCarthy DEMOCRATIC 2,235,661 58.15%

Attorney General (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Bob Ferguson

Matt Larkin REPUBLICAN 1,684,997 43.31%

Bob Ferguson DEMOCRATIC 2,201,255 56.58%

Commissioner of Public Lands (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Hilary Franz

Hilary Franz DEMOCRATIC 2,187,462 56.84%

Sue Kuehl Pederson REPUBLICAN 1,656,950 43.05%

Superintendent of Public Instruction (Nonpartisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Chris Reykdal

Maia Espinoza 1,581,141 44.77%

Chris Reykdal 1,931,729 54.69%

Insurance Commissioner (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Mike Kreidler

Chirayu Avinash Patel REPUBLICAN 1,284,105 33.97%

Mike Kreidler DEMOCRATIC 2,477,327 65.54%

Washington State Legislative District 7

State Representative Pos. 1 (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Jacquelin Maycumber

Georgia D. Davenport DEMOCRATIC 22,698 28.88%

Jacquelin Maycumber REPUBLICAN 55,790 70.99%

State Representative Pos. 2 (Partisan Office 4-year term) Incumbent: Joel Kretz

Joel Kretz REPUBLICAN 57,122 74.42%

JJ Wandler INDEPENDENT 19,359 25.22%


Supreme Court Position 3 (Nonpartisan Office Short & 6-year term) Incumbent: Raquel


Dave Larson 1,439,275 41.28%

Raquel Montoya-Lewis 2,032,463 58.29%

Supreme Court Position 4 (Nonpartisan Office 6-year term) Incumbent: Charles W. Johnson

Charles W. Johnson 2,812,995 97.64%


Supreme Court Position 6 (Nonpartisan Office 6-year term) Incumbent: G. Helen


Richard S. Serns 1,121,308 33.19%

G. Helen Whitener 2,236,253 66.19%

Supreme Court Position 7 (Nonpartisan Office 6-year term) Incumbent: Debra L.


Debra L. Stephens 2,814,943 97.82%


Court of Appeals Judge Division 3 District 1 Position 2 (Nonpartisan Office 6-year term)

Marshall Casey 106,987 36.21%

Tracy Arlene Staab 186,363 63.07%–ed11spokane.pdf–ed27stevens.pdf

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