Halloween During a Pandemic

What will Halloween look like amidst a pandemic? Although Governor Inslee hasn’t announced that yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has guidelines they believe will help keep everyone safe during the spooky season

For starters, the CDC recommends that you try and stay at home, and do some of these low-risk activities with your families: 

  • Pumpkin carving 
  • Decorating your house 
  • Doing a scavenger hunt with members of your families.
  • Having a virtual Halloween costume contest

The CDC also suggests that you don’t take part in trick or treating; however, if your community decides to set up a one-way trick or treating system, instead of handing out candy at the door, place it at the end of your driveway wrapped in goodie bags. 

The CDC classifies the following as Medium Risk activities: 

  • Having a small party, keeping with the 6ft apart rule
  • Having a party outside and having your guests wear masks
  • Going to a one-way haunted forest wearing a mask and keeping with the 6ft apart rule 
  • Going to a pumpkin patch where social distancing can be maintained and wearing a mask is encouraged or enforced. 
  • Having an outdoor movie night where friends and family are spaced 6ft apart 

The CDC says not to do the following: 

  • Participate in traditional trick or treating
  • Trick or treating where candy is handed out from trunks of cars in large parking lots.
  • Attend a crowded costume party held indoors 
  • Go to an indoor haunted house where social distancing can’t be maintained. 
  • Go to gatherings outside of your community.
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