Quick Bits – Deer Park City Council Meeting

During the last Deer Park City Council meeting, several issues were addressed briefly.  These issues regarded pedestrian ramps, COVID emergency powers, inflation regarding the annual fireworks budget, and repairs completed in parks. 

Pedestrian Ramp Replacement
Many of the city’s pedestrian ramps at road intersections do not currently comply with the required standards. Therefore, when street maintenance is performed, any non-compliant ramps must be upgraded. 

Because of a funding deadline and canceling the previously scheduled meeting, the Mayor had already signed an agreement to update a number of pedestrian ramps. The previous meeting was canceled because Council Members Newsom and Cragun would not be in attendance. The council agreed to ratify Verzal’s decision. 

COVID Emergency Powers Repealed
The mayor’s emergency powers were repealed without any debate at this meeting. More details about that are in our previous article: Emergency Powers Repealed DPGazette.com/x73js

Inflation & Fireworks
During the approval of expenditures, there was a discussion about inflation and increasing the budget for the annual fireworks show on Independence day. It was determined that it is too late to adjust the budget for this year and that the council will reconsider the topic in the fall during the annual budget workshop, usually held in October.

Repairs Completed In Parks
City staff have completed repairs to the skate park ramps. Now that those repairs are complete, the skate park is open. Additionally, repairs have been made to the park bathrooms, and they are now available as well. 

Watch: Deer Park City Council Meeting April 20th, 2022
You can watch the whole video from the meeting on YouTube. Use the links below to skip to the meeting portions you are interested in.

Key Points

  • 00:00 – Call to Order & Roll Call
  • 00:15 – Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance
  • 01:10 – Approval of Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  • 02:45 – Public Hearings – Transportation Improvement Program
  • 04:00 – New Business – Change Order Northwest Grading
  • 05:25 – New Business – Pedestrian Ramp Replacement
  • 10:30 – New Business – Ramp Construction Management
  • 11:15 – New Business – Filling Council Vacancy 
  • 22:05 – Resolution – Transportation Improvement Program
  • 23:30 – Resolution – Repealing COVID Emergency Powers
  • 24:10 – Consent Agenda & Fireworks Show
  • 30:50 – Report of Departments
  • 39:45 – Report of Officers
  • 45:20 – Comments from Audience

YouTube City Council Meeting https://youtu.be/sveaJOPwpqk Recorded April 20th, 2022

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