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The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce (DPCC) held another meeting via Zoom to further highlight the benefits a chamber membership brings to Deer Park’s local businesses. Amongst several advertising opportunities, a membership aids small businesses in getting their story out to an interested region, and connecting them to other businesses.

Presenters from various local publications took time during this meeting to bring light to how they are enriching Deer Park’s culture, while offering a valuable tool for businesses to reach out to their community and tell their stories. They each highlighted what advertising they have available, and how they facilitate brand storytelling. 

The Deer Park Gazette

Richie Schut of the Deer Park Gazette outlined several ways that businesses can advertise themselves in this paper, both in print and online: via display ads, printed ads, directory ads enabling businesses to share details about their hours of operation, location, and contact information, and sponsored articles posted online and published in print. The Deer Park Gazette is circulated to approximately 8,000 monthly, and seeks to spread positive local news about all there is to know and do in the Deer Park area. Funded primarily by advertising from local businesses, the Deer Park Gazette keeps the local economy strong. They are currently offering a 20% discount on prepaid ads for June and July. Advertisers also have the ability to post classifieds up to 150 words.

For more information on pricing and subscriptions:

Deer Park Magazine

Jeff Clark of Deer Park Magazine (DPM) wanted to emphasize a desire for including stories in his magazine, bringing light to a business’s unique offerings, rooted history, or mission statement. He is fond of including local stories about interesting people and locations. The DPM is currently in its 11th year of publishing. Jeff circulates 4k-5k copies per year wherever he goes, from the doctor’s office to the grocery store, from North Spokane to Colville. There are always copies at the DPCC, and new residents often grab a copy, excited to learn more about the community they now call home. The DPM helps them get to know their local businesses and their new neighbors that operate them. Jeff is eager for more writers to help tell those stories, as well as more locations to drop off copies. The next issue will be published in July.

For more information, contact:
Jeff Clark, (509) 999-5432

Chamber Final Thoughts

Danielle Holstine, Executive Director of the DPCC, closed the meeting by demonstrating a few of the “member portal” capabilities that Chamber members have access to: from creating member to member or public deals, to adding business information via a profile. Members also have access to Job Postings, with the ability to post their own job information, and access to reports to monitor their traffic.

Individuals can also find company information via the DPCC website. For businesses, this makes maintaining updated information vital in the effort to stay accessible to customers. Keeping contact and location information up to date allows both individuals and the Chamber to stay in touch with each business in the directory. 

Holstine also emphasized that it’s important to engage with your community. “Don’t be shy!” The DPCC has several ways to help Deer Park’s small business community thrive and succeed. They currently offer advertising on their website, through their Chamber Trailer, and through the highway sign on 395.

The Chamber Trailer has a lot of visibility throughout town and surrounding communities, as it is used to drive equipment to events such as DPCC Summer Luncheons or Saturday Market. As a driving billboard, it serves as a great way to advertise business milestones or upcoming events. Businesses must have a Chamber membership to advertise on the trailer, and advertising is offered on a first come first serve basis for Basic members. The Chamber makes it easy for members to be included in this benefit by working with those who do not have high quality artwork for printing. They partner with Deer Park printers to produce artwork and do not charge a design fee.

The highway sign displayed on 395 is also a good way to get info out, such as ads and promos, for all of the community to see.

If you have any questions or information you’d like to get out but aren’t quite sure how, reach out and ask your Chamber for help. They are more than happy to collaborate with you to find the perfect solution. Currently, businesses may find this especially beneficial as they navigate and adjust to Phase 2 requirements of operation.

For more information, contact:
316 E. Crawford Ave.
Deer Park, WA 99006
(509) 276-5900
[email protected]

Membership Application:

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