$15,950 Awarded to Scholars

Each year, Deer Park Dollars for Scholars (DPDS) raises funds with the help of community volunteers to support local students in their efforts to reach and achieve their educational goals. Dollars for Scholars is a non-profit, tax-exempt scholarship foundation that assists students as a resource for collegiate financial aid. Founded in 2001, Dollars for Scholars became Deer Park’s locally supported and operated chapter of Scholarship America, aiding graduating seniors in the Deer Park School District.

“Dollars raised in the Deer Park area stay in the Deer Park area.” Scholarships are locally funded by organizations and residents of Deer Park, and each one has a different set of criteria for students, based solely on merit or merit as well as need. 

Typically, awards are held during Shining Star Night at Deer Park High School, however this year’s awards were held in small groups, meet-and-greet style. Deer Park Dollars for Scholars presented 15 students with scholarships this year, totaling $15,950.

About The Scholarships

Thomas B. Baker, James T. Baker, and Beryl V. Baker
(Baker Family Innovia Scholarships)
Funded through an investment fund dedicated to various organizations in Spokane and Stevens County, these scholarships are given to honor the memory of Beryl V. Baker and his sons Thomas B. and James T. Baker.

Creativity and Involvement, Dreamers Scholarship
Awarded for demonstrating outstanding creativity and involvement in the community.

Friends of the Deer Park Library
This award requires students to have an active Spokane County Library District library card.

Horizon Credit Union, North Country Gardeners
Donations from these organizations are awarded to eligible students.

Deer Park Auto Freight and Bob-Mart Awards
These are awarded to students who will be attending a community college, trade or vocational school.

HOPE Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to an eligible Home Link student.

Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship
This award is given to honor the memory of long time Deer Park High School principal, Bonnie Remington.

Fay’s Busted Spur Memorial Scholarship
Awarded in memory of Bill Fay, to seniors who are actively participating in FFA and 4-H programs.

Max Sanchez Memorial Scholarship
In memory of Max Sanchez, a longtime Vice Principal, coach, athletic director and teacher of Deer Park High School, this is awarded to student athletes each year.

Dollars for Scholars Hearts Fund
In February, an annual fundraiser called the Hearts Fund is held at local businesses including Ace Hardware and Yoke’s. Businesses raise funds by hosting coin drives, and offering donors paper hearts to write their names or a note on that are then posted throughout the store with each donation. The DPDS Hearts Fund Awards largely depend on the amount of money that is raised during this fundraiser. Last year, 2 $500 awards were given, while this year 3 $700 awards were made possible through the generous donations of the Deer Park community.

How Scholarships Are Awarded

DPDS scholarships are awarded only to graduating seniors of Deer Park High School (DPHS), Deer Park Home Link, and Deer Park Alternative School. Students can also apply for national scholarships through the DPDS website, since it is affiliated with Scholarship America. Submitting an application is done online, and only one application is necessary to apply for all awards available. Seniors have until April to apply.

To determine the winners, there are a few things that Dollars for Scholars looks at in each application: 

  • Work or volunteer experience, 
  • Activities the student participates in, 
  • A goals and aspirations essay, 
  • Unusual circumstances that may have affected the student’s schooling, 
  • A primary reference, 
  • High school grades, and SAT/ACT scores. 

Also taken into consideration:

  • Community involvement and volunteering
  • Creativity
  • Activities such as FFA, 4-H, and sports
  • Whether they will be attending community college, trade, or vocational school, or a 4-year program through university. 

A basic score is then given which is used to choose each winner. Though seniors are encouraged to apply for multiple scholarships, the board does ensure that rewards are evenly distributed by selecting a different student for each scholarship available, and by coordinating winners with other scholarships in the community that are not affiliated with Dollars for Scholars.

Award funds are sent directly to the school each senior will be attending. Some collegiate partners of Dollars for Scholars will match awards for students. Each award will be factored in by financial aid from a student’s un-met need, after an institution’s scholarships and loans are applied. An institution’s aid will not be replaced with awards given by DPDS, so that students don’t lose any money towards their school costs.

Volunteers Needed

DPDS is actively looking for volunteers to help with fundraising events, maintaining the DPDS website, soliciting donations, and more. There are currently 8 members of the DPDS board, with Stacey Lewis as president, Bill Moore as VP, Julie Ives as treasurer, and Marianne Barretine as secretary. Additional members are Marilyn Reilly, Rosie Cummings, Scott Lewis, and Stephanie Littrell. Many of them have had children who were recipients of past awards. Meetings are held once or twice a year.

If you are interested in volunteering with Deer Park Dollars for Scholars, please contact:

2020 Scholarships Awarded:

Andrea Hallauer – Eastern Washington University
Thomas B. Baker Scholarship $2,000 and Creativity and Involvement, Dreamers Scholarship $400

Aliyah Tucker – Western Washington University
James T. Baker Scholarship $2,000

Shayla Donaldson – King University
Beryl V. Baker Scholarship $2,000

Molly Keller – University of Montana
Friends of the Deer Park Library $1,000 and Fay’s Busted Spur Memorial Scholarship $500

Matthew Bilbruck – King University
Friends of the Deer Park Library $1,000 and Max Sanchez Memorial Scholarship $200

Anna Patterson – Multnomah University
Horizon Credit Union $1,000 and Max Sanchez Memorial Scholarship $200

Adele Schick – BYU Idaho
Horizon Credit Union $1,000

Abigail Waunch – Seattle Pacific University
HOPE $1,000

Allie Michael – Indiana Tech
Dollars for Scholars Hearts Fund Award $700

Ayana Marshall – Washington State University
Dollars for Scholars Hearts Fund Award $700

Calyssa Graves – Western Washington University
Dollars for Scholars Hearts Fund Award $700

Kelsey Gillaspy – Eastern Washington University
Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship $500

Nicole Moon – Spokane Falls Community College
North Country Gardeners Award $500

Megan Ferrell – Spokane Falls Community College
Deer Park Auto Freight Award $300

Talon Munsen
Bob-Mart Award $250

A huge congratulations to these students! Wishing them the best in their future endeavors. Thank you to those who contributed through donations and sponsorships for this year’s awards.

Donations can be made online at deerpark.dollarsforscholars.org, or mailed directly to:

  • Deer Park Dollars for Scholars
  • PO Box 1241
  • Deer Park, WA 99006

Donations will be applied to the DPDS Hearts Fund.

For more information, to sponsor a specific scholarship, or to volunteer, contact:

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