Church Services To Go

Disclaimer: Because the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is continually developing, topics mentioned in this article are subject to change without notice. 


Deer Park

  • Williams Valley Mennonite Church
  • First Baptist Church of Deer Park
    • No in-person services at this time
    • First Baptist is encouraging members to join the Vine Community, the nearest church neighbor, on Sundays at 10am for digital services at
    • First Baptist has partnered with We Heart Deer Park to deliver groceries and other needed supplies. 
  • Open Door Congregational Church
  • Christ’s Church of Deer Park
  • Laestadian Lutheran Church of Spokane
    • Sunday services and Wednesday night Bible classes are cancelled until further notice
  • Zion Lutheran Church
    • All services suspended until April 8th, upon which circumstances will be reevaluated
    • Digital worship services can be found on Youtube
    • Worships, prayers, and other material to use at home can be sent upon request from Pastor Duane Anderson
  • Tri-County Christian Center
    • No in-person services
    • Sermons and services are available on Facebook
  • Vine Community Church
  • St. Mary’s Church
    • All masses and church activities are suspended until April 6th, upon which circumstances will be reevaluated
    • All Parish events until April 18th are cancelled
    • The church building will remain open during regular hours for individual prayer
    • Streamed services will be live on Sundays at 10am on facebook
  • Deer Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    • In person services are cancelled for the time being
    • Live streaming is available on Facebook at
      • Every Sabbath (Saturday) they will have Bible Study from 9AM-10AM. 
      • Every Sabbath they have a sermonic thought from 11AM-12PM. 
    • There is also a YouTube channel available for “teaching, preaching and inspiration”
  • Calvary Chapel
    • ALL church activities, services, meetings, and youth groups are canceled until further notice
    • Awana is canceled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 year
    • Sunday service recording are available on YouTube
  • Redeemed Baptist Church
    • No in-person services until further notice
    • Digital Sunday services can be found at
  • Lakeside Nazarene


Loon Lake


  • Springdale Community Church
    • No services in-person or online until April 1st, upon which circumstances will be reevaluated
    • There will be an Easter service in the parking lot of Mary Walker High School at 10:30am on April 12th
      • There will be a sound system set up so everyone can remain in their vehicles for the duration of the service

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