Possible Coronavirus in Colville

UPDATE: According to the Northeast Tri-County Health District: “The individual who was tested for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) tested negative.”  Furthermore, at this time, there are no confirmed cases of the disease in Spokane or Stevens County. 

For the full press release visit: 

The Colville School District announced on March 2nd, that the schools will be closed until a student under investigation for COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) is confirmed with either positive or negative test results. These test results could take up to 3 days, during which time the school district will be disinfecting the buildings.

Deer Park School District

Deer Park School District posted a statement that despite this, Deer Park schools will stay open, as the virus is not posing a threat to students or faculty, and that people in Deer Park are at low risk of catching the sickness.  Loon Lake and Mary Walker School Districts made similar releases today as well. 

All of the school statements include the well-known guidelines for staying healthy such as washing hands and keeping living areas clean.

For more information, the Center for Disease Control has some tips on their website. cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention-treatment.html

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