Food For Kids (Updated March 23rd)

Disclaimer: Because the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation is continually developing, details mentioned in this article are subject to change without notice. 


  • Must be ages 1 – 18. 
  • Need not be a student
  • Grab and Go – No on location dining
  • Registration not required but helpful
  • Students must be present to receive
  • Meals only available during statewide school closures. Schools may not be offering meals during spring break. Please check with your specific school district

Deer Park School District

Please follow the link to fill out the online form so that the meal prep staff is aware of your need:

DPSD Breakfast/Lunch “Grab and Go” Sign Up


  • Monday – Friday
  • 11:00am – noon


Deer Park Elementary

1500 E. D Street

Deer Park, WA 

Deer Park Middle School

347 S. Colville

Deer Park, WA 

Home Link – Administration Bldg.

North 428 Main Ave.

Deer Park, WA 

Home Link – Clayton Bldg.

Division Road and Park Avenue in Clayton

Intersection of: 

Williams Valley  and Price

Dalton and Owens

Dalton  and Montgomery 

One school bus will travel between four town stops:  

11:00am  – 11:10am – Simply Childish – D & Mission

11:15am -11:25am – Children’s Cottage 7th and Arnim

11:30am -11:40am – DP Eagles Parking Lot

11:50am – 12:00pm – Airport and Carol Intersection

Loon Lake School District 

Tuesday March 24th will have 1 day’s worth of meals.

Starting Wednesday, March 25th Loon Lake will institute twice a week pickup and delivery on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Monday will have breakfast and lunch for Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday will have breakfast and lunch for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Loon lake is offering both a delivery and pick up option for local children.

Delivery via school bus: 

  • The bus delivers food in the morning (following their normal afternoon route).  


  • Monday & Wednesday (after the 24th)
  • 9am -1am 


Loon Lake Elementary School 

4001 Maple St.

Mary Walker School District

Mary Walker School District posted on their Facebook and website that, “A family who needs meal delivery for school-age children, please call us at 509.258.4798 for support. This line will be monitored daily during our COVID-19 Closure to help us be responsive to our student and family needs.”

Riverside School District

If you would like to opt-in, call 464-8498


  • Monday – Friday
  • 11am-Noon 


Riverside Elementary School

3802 E. Deer Park/Milan Rd.

Chattaroy Elementary School

2517 N. Yale Rd.

Aloha Pines Mobile Park

40602 N. Newport Hwy

Elk, Wa

Rustic Ridge Mobile Park

35312 N. Newport Hwy

Chattaroy, Wa

Elk Sentinel

40012 N Elk Camden Rd 

Elk, WA

Peaceful Valley Church

201 Allen Rd

Elk, WA 

Fire Station #40 on Elk-Chattaroy

3219 E Chattaroy Rd

Chattaroy, WA 

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