DP School Lunches Monday, March 16th

The Deer Park School district sent out a press release that schools will be closed starting March 16th instead of previously planned March 17th.  This is due to more restrictions coming down from the Governor as Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautionary measures. For today only, at this time, Deer Park School District will be having “grab and go” lunches distribution available at all school buildings. This will be for ages 1 – 18 and will not require you to sit and eat in the building.  The time these lunches will be available will be between 10am to 1pm. Parents may not come in alone and make a request; students must be present to receive lunch. Preschool kids can pick up lunches at either the Deer Park Elementary or Arcadia Elementary.  

School offices will be open between 8am and 3:30pm for today. It was also suggested that kids pick up anything from their lockers that they might need because after today all schools will be closed with only the administrative, food, and custodial services. 

 The Deer Park School staff will be meeting throughout the district to try to come up with a long-term plan for food distribution; however, there is nothing set up right now other than for today, March 16th.

As of right now, Riverside, Mary Walker, and Loon Lake have not released anything in regards to a lunch program. 

For further coverage on COVID-19 please go to DPGazette.com/covid19

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