Scouting for Food

Deer Park’s local food bank recently received a large donation of food from a notable source: the Boy Scouts. 

On November 9th, members from Boy Scout Troops 202, 216, and Cub Scout Pack 202 worked together to gather 1,280 pounds of food from the community, which was then donated to the GreenHouse Food Bank.

The generous donation is part of the Boy Scouts of America’s “Scouting for Food” program, which is an ongoing annual event that is organized at the local level throughout the country. The program often takes place in the month of November, when local families are gearing up for the winter holidays and are in need of support.

Didn’t get a chance to donate? The GreenHouse Community Center is always in need of donations to help support our community. For more information, contact the Food Bank at 509-276-6897.

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