Riverside Awarded for Success

At Washington State School Directors Association’s (WSSDA) 2019 Annual Conference, Riverside School District was one of three schools to receive a Board of the Year award.

With over 30 school boards in consideration, Riverside was chosen in the medium sized district category for board’s positive impact on their students.
The panel of judges was made up of current and former Educational Service District superintendents, State Board of Education board members, and others who have been involved in education leadership.

Each of the Board of the Year winners received a certificate, trophy, and a $500 check from Washington Schools Risk Management Pool. The WSSDA website announcing the winners states: “The Riverside School Board has had a mission over the past couple years to transform the culture of their district and their relationships with the communities they serve.”

The article goes on to say that Riverside also experienced growth in their enrollment, and passed their levy at a rate of nearly 70%, a historic high for the district. They took steps to improve kindergarten readiness, as well as enable their highschoolers to experience greater success.

To read the whole announcement about Riverside and learn more about the other winning districts visit: http://www.wssda.org/2019/11/22/wssda-announces-2019-boards-of-the-year/

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