Drama Season Begins!

Along with the start of school we can count on sports also taking place, but often overlooked are the forthcoming concerts and theater productions.

The first production of the season is the Deer Park High School putting on Antigone in Munich by Claudia Haas.  Set in Munich, Germany during World War II, “[The story] follows a group of students who decide to resist the government by writing leaflets that oppose Hitler’s regime,” said drama teacher and the play’s director Ross McCrorie.  A cast of 17 players, as well as behind the scenes crew will bring this production to life in the first two weeks of November.

This drama deals with some heavy and sometimes dark themes; as such, it is not recommended for young audiences.

Save the date!


  • November 1st @ 5:00pm
  • November 2nd, 7th, 8th @7:00pm 

At the Ken Fisher Performing Arts Theater in the Deer Park High School.

Tickets are $5 at the door

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