DNR Activities in the Deer Park Area

Guy Gifford, Fire Prevention and Firewise Coordinator for Northeast Region and Land Owner Assistance Forester with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), will be speaking at the Deer Park Rotary Club meeting September 26th.

Some of the topics Gifford will cover include:

  • DNR’s role in firefighting in the Deer Park Area 
  • What DNR does in this area beside fighting fires 
  • DNR usage of the Deer Park airport for firefighting 
  • The closest DNR campground to Deer Park 

Gifford started his wildland firefighting career on a 20 person crew in 1984 for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). His Forestry career started in 1991 in the Spokane area for the DNR, and he has worked in this area in numerous Forestry positions since then. Currently he is the Firewise coordinator for the Northeast Region, which covers 6 counties, and is a Land Owner Assistance Forester (LOAF) in Spokane County. 

All are welcome to join the Deer Park Rotary Club and Guy Gifford at the First Street Bar and Grill banquet room, 122 W 1st Street, September 26th at noon.

Deer Park Rotary typically has several speakers each month and welcomes non-member visitors to their weekly meetings. Lunch with beverage is provided by First Street Grill during the meeting at $13.00 per person from two lunch choices. Deer Park Rotary meets weekly at noon on Thursdays, at the First Street Bar and Grill banquet room, 122 W 1st St., Deer Park.

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