Beat The Heat

The sweat may be trickling down your back, but your heart still wants to reach out and connect with your neighbors. Here are five favorite ways to keep your hospitality on track and beat this August heat.

1: Pancakes Or Ice Cream… or Pancakes AND Ice Cream!

The best times of day for hospitality during the heat are early morning and late at night. So invite your neighbors over for a pancake breakfast or a late-evening sweet treat. If they ask what they should bring just tell them berries – they go great on both pancakes and ice cream!

Pro Tip: Use your waffle iron to create luscious homemade ice cream cones!

2: Meet By The Water

The Deer Park Pool is free and is open Monday-Saturday for all ages 1-5 PM. Their corresponding wading pool is perfect for tykes to splash in while moms and dads chat in the nearby shade. Pine River Park off  Hatch Road also offers a nearby free option for summer water play, but it tends to be crowded during popular hours. The easiest option is often a sprinkler set-up in the front yard.

3: Stock Up On Otter Pops

Whatever your age, there’s something endearing about being handed a popsicle. Stock up on these ice cold treats and hand them to every neighbor or friend you see. Just set your lawn chair up under your best shade tree with a cooler beside you and make friends with everyone!

Pro Tip: These can melt and refreeze indefinitely, so get a bunch and store in a cabinet for an instant restock whenever your freezer’s stash gets low. 

4: Go To Their House

If you’re like me and don’t have effective air conditioning in your home, just find a friend who does and offer to bring dinner! This may sound like you’re just using them for their cool air, and you might be, but you can build and strengthen the relationships we all need by simply asking.

5: Get Crafty

Crafts aren’t usually my idea of a good time, but you and your friends might have a blast making your own hand fans. There’s a wide range of difficulty and beauty possible with these kinds of crafts, but here’s a simple option at you can use to create something useful together with your neighbors.

It might be too warm to have someone inside your home for soup (save that for deep winter!), but there are still plenty of ways you can connect with your friends and neighbors. If you have air conditioning then this question is just for you: won’t you be my neighbor?!

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