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The Library Park is getting regular visits from local citizens working hard at turning it into a Bike Park. Deron Schroeder, of Bicycles by Deron, is coordinating the efforts, and is excited for the future fun Deer Park’s kids, and adults, will have jumping and riding their bikes.

On May 5th, a local 4H group led by Kim Ferrell will bring their rakes and garbage bags, and serve Deer Park for several hours. The four “H’s” refer to the student’s head, heart, hands, and health. Ferrell’s group of 5-16 year olds does a service project two or three times a year, so when she heard about the Bike Park, she realized serving there would bring all four H’s together to serve the community in a way that her students would be exhilarated to participate in.

Deron Schroeder exudes enthusiasm into the air as he speaks passionately in favor of a Bike Park. His childhood memories were filled with creating his own bike ramps and riding for hours with neighborhood kids, and he wants local kids to get those same great memory-making opportunities.
If you’re interested in helping create the Bike Park, you have several options available to you.

First, you’ll want to follow the Bicycles By Deron Facebook page at so you can stay up to date on all the latest news.

Second, for a more hands-on and immediate impact, just take a rake and some garbage bags down and get to work. Pine needles can be raked off of anything that looks like a path, garbage can be picked up and thrown away, and downed limbs can be dragged onto the brush piles.

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