Home Link Doesn’t Disappoint Our Great Expectations

January 11th and 12th, in the Ken Fisher Auditorium at Deer Park High School, audiences were treated to a phenomenal production put on by the Deer Park Home Link Drama Class. Under the direction and tutelage of Mrs. Steverding, 22 actors portrayed nearly 30 characters while also taking turns narrating this rich version of Dickens’ Great Expectations.  

There was not a weak link in the entire cast, as lead and supporting actors alike were completely immersed in their characters.  There were, however, a couple of standout performances.

Nate Knudtson was an exceptional leading man as Pip, the man of great expectations.  His lines were delivered with confidence and filled with an impressive array of emotions. This was a complex role, and Knudtson rose to the occasion.

Also giving a shining performance was Paige Bacani as Miss Havisham, a jilted lover left standing at the altar, and determined to ruin the lives of other young men.  The cadence and tone of her speech, as well as her movements on the stage, were haunting and beautiful.

Again, though, all the players were solid and professional.  They obviously took great pains to perfect the play, as their great talents and perseverance were on display.

The production was tight as clockwork, seemingly not missing a single beat, carried not only by this stellar cast, but also by the music, lighting, costumes, and staging:  a beautiful collaboration between the unseen action behind the scenes and what was happening on stage. It was immediately apparent how long and hard the whole cast and crew worked to bring this story to life.

If you missed the production or would like to see it again, DVD copies were made available by KDK Digital Media.  Contact them for more information.

My thanks and compliments to the entire cast and crew of the Great Expectations production. I look forward to your next show!

Coming Attractions…

Want more theater? Coming this April 19th and 20, The Thrilling Tale of The Three Muskateers. Homelink drama teacher, Sharlene Steverding says “It is a comedic take on the classic tale.” Much of the cast will return, but there will also be some new faces in this upcoming production.  Look for their publicity soon!

Kristina Shupe as Estella, Nate Knudtson as Pip, Liana Shupe as Clara Barely, and Josiah Powell as Herbert Pocket.
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