Water – Hold the Lead

Lead in our drinking water is a scary idea. Flint, Michigan has been in the news since 2014 because of major issues with lead in the drinking water. Deer Park’s water is nothing like Flint’s and that’s a good thing!  It is worth noting that of all the homes tested in Deer Park, only 4 had lead levels above the limit, this does not indicate a problem with cities water supply. It is more likely that those 4 homes have pipes that caused the problem. Below are some of the most common questions we have received. Click here to read the letter from Deer Park City Hall.

  • Why did I get this letter?
    • Because 4 homes had levels of lead slightly above the limit, the EPA required the city to send the letter.
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    • Only four homes have been determined to have dangerous amounts of lead. In previous tests, these same houses did not have any problems. While you wait for test results you can take these precautions.
      • Use only cold water for drinking, cooking and making baby formula. Boiling water does not remove lead from water.
      • Regularly clean your faucet’s screen (also known as an aerator).
        Consider using a water filter certified to remove lead and know when it’s time to replace the filter.
      • Before drinking, flush your pipes by running your tap, taking a shower, doing laundry or a load of dishes.
      • Contact your water system to learn more about sources of lead and removing lead service lines.
  • What do I need to do?
    • If you are concerned about your water quality there are water tests kits available at Realtor offices in Deer Park. Make sure it includes a test for lead. The cost is about $150 for a full range of tests.
  • What is going to happen next?

Some residents will be given test kits and instructions for testing their home’s water. If you are selected to run the test, this does not mean that the city suspects that your water is tainted, only that you are part of the required city sample. Depending on the results of these additional test there might be another round of testing with even more residents. If all of the tests show lead above the permitted level the city might be required to make expensive upgrades to the water system and add solutions to prevent corrosion which increases lead in the water.

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