Hearts And Horses

The Need

The interest in horses and horseback riding amongst our community has never waned; however, the ability for many to afford the expensive hobby has. Legacy Farm and Stables in Loon Lake has been offering horsemanship and riding lessons since 1997. They felt this financial shift, as they never lacked kids interested in lessons and riding, but so many of the families simply could not afford the prices. It’s not that Legacy Farm and Stables is charging an exorbitant amount for the use of their animals. Care and maintenance required by these remarkable animals is often cost prohibitive. Competition and travel expenses add up quickly as well, and further prevent many from having a horse experience.

The Mission

This is where Hearts And Horses comes in.  Founded in 2015, the non-profit organization is partnered with the Legacy Farm and Stables, their students, and families to help cover the cost of everything involved with horses.  Hearts And Horses uses a sliding scale, the same one that medical clinics use, to decipher how much aid each family can receive. Depending on the need, the organization can provide up to 50% coverage of the costs; this includes everything from lessons and practice to transport and competition entrance fees. If that’s not enough to enable the families to take the lessons, they can work at the stable to earn more off the cost.

More About The Program

Many studies show that horses have multiple benefits to physical, mental, and emotional well being. Horses have been used as therapy animals for decades.  A specific study suggests improvement in decision making and empathy, as well as other tasks due specifically to the movement of riding a horse.

The students each have a specific start time. They must get themselves and their horses ready and in the starting position by that time.

Legacy Farm and Stables has a focus on events and competition.  They have found the structure and discipline involved in learning, as well as taking part in challenges and events helps the students make positive changes in many aspects of their life.

Though the stables do put an emphasis on young riders, adult students are welcome as well.

Fund Raiser

On both Dec 8th and 17th, organizers and participants of the Hearts And Horses program will be in the Deer Park Yoke’s foyer area.  They will be selling $5 raffle tickets to win 45lbs of homegrown Angus beef. They will also be selling Cocoa Mugs and some homemade candles.  The vast majority of monies go directly to the families in need. The only additional cost is creating flyers, brochures, and other printed materials to help spread the word about this wonderful program.

Come see the Hearts And Horses crew at Yokes.

  • Dec 8th 10am-6pm
  • Dec 17th 12-6pm

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