Deer Park 8th Grade High School Band Award Concert

The ground shook, and people were moving with the music at this end of the year concert. The Deer Park 8th grade and High School Band Award Concert was on May 29th at 7:00pm at the DPHS Commons and Ken Fisher Theater.  

First on the program was the Deer Park High School Jazz Ensemble; the whole band was on point and was a pleasure to listen to. One of the highlights was when high school senior Courtney Stockman played a saxophone solo; this would be the last time before graduating. Next came the DPHS “Stag Thunder” Drumline which played a series of drumline warmups all named after Greek gods; my personal favorite was named Aphrodite.

Later the 8th grade concert band played a number of different pieces. First they played a piece picked out by the students to study called Dr. Who: Through Time & Space. They then played Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, followed up by their 2018 Jr. Lilac Parade Routine. Both the Spike Beatz Cadence and Handclap I was very familiar with due to living close to the Middle School.  I can attest to the increasing quality from the beginning of the year to the end.

Next the Deer Park High School Concert Band came to the stage. It was explained that during the Lilac Torchlight Parade, Deer Park received its 5th Gold Standard Award medal in the past seven years. This award was presented to the band’s Drum Major Shawn Lewis at the parade. Shawn Lewis then conducted the band as they played their 2018 Lilac Torchlight parade routine. They had the drum line march into the theater and onto the stage with the rest of the band.  

Throughout the night, yearly awards were given out to students.  There was a time for jacket letter presentations, awards, and a senior gifts presentation for the High School Concert Band. The band seniors also presented Taylor Belote, DPHS Band Director, with a 2018 shaped picture collage. For the closing number, the 8th grade and High School Concert Bands combined to play “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys conducted by Shawn Lewis. It was a great night of music to end the school year with.


DPHS Jazz Ensemble

Outstanding Soloist –  Mackenzie Cassels and Alex Branam

DPMS 8th Grade Band

Spirit Award – Kalev Grella

Most Inspirational Band Member – Joseph Rivera

Outstanding Band Students – Carman Kiewert, Zach Shroyer, Kali Helm

Letters of Services

1st Year Letter –  Colesen Nord, Alia Figueroa, Kylee Krous, Jacson Newman,  Malorie Lee, Tyler Bates, Amelia Smith, Tasha Barnard, Bethann Dean, Lizze Emery, Josh Alder, Koby Garvin-Carrasco, Ben Helm, Hunter Pagac, Jenessa Sexton, and Micca Twinn

2nd Year Letter –  Adam Harris, Cody Krous, Cory Root, Jenna Petroske, Brooke Begani, Zach Stevens, Trevin Cassels, and Hans Christensen

3rd year Letter – Zac Hill, Colin Buscher, Shawn Lewis, Tawnee Dean,  Alex Branam, Kaden Newman, Amy Selanders, Langipuna Sungalu, Tyler O’Neill   

4th year Letter – Maygen Nord, Tessa Hernandez, Courtney Stockman, Jacob Dickerson, Mackenzie Cassels, and Gabrielle Earley


Outstanding Junior Member – Tawnee Dean

Outstanding Senior Member – Jacob Dickerson

Most Inspirational Band Member – Cory Root

Band Spirit Award- Shawn Lewis

Senior Gifts were handed out to Mackenzie Cassels, Gabrielle Earley, Casey Jones, Ronan Simpson, Alia Figueroa, Courtney Stockman, Jacob Dickerson, Maygen Nord, and Tessa Hernandez

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