Springdale Shooting Threat

On the evening of March 21, the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office was requested to assist in the investigation of a possible threat of a school shooting that allegedly was going to take place on the 22nd at Mary Walker High School in Springdale, WA. Information was spread via Snapchat and other social media that there was going to be a shooting at the school. Deputies launched an investigation and worked on the case throughout the night and next day.  Mary Walker did not have school on the 22nd while the investigation was ongoing.

The alleged threats stem from an incident that occurred at Mary Walker nine days prior,  when two students were overheard talking about a “hit list.” The school immediately investigated,  determining there was no credible threat to the school or student safety, so there was no reason to contact law enforcement or the public at that time.

After extensive interviews, the Sheriff’s Office investigation has shown there is no reason to believe any “hit list” exists, and no substantiated threats were made by anyone nor directed at any individual.

Rick Winters, Superintendent to Mary Walker school district released the following statement on the district’s website:

“I want to thank all students and staff for their effort under difficult circumstances Friday (March 23rd), and let our community know that we:

  • had extra law enforcement on site;
  • initiated an additional investigation process;
  • plan to continue with off-site educational options; and
  • plan to implement a risk assessment and evaluation.
  • Please continue to call, text and or email with concerns and ideas: 509-688-9864 or [email protected].”

–Rick Winters, Superintendent, MWSD#207

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