Into New Hands

Your beloved Deer Park Gazette has been faithfully run by a dear lady, (and this years Winterfest Honored Citizen) Sue Kelsch, for 15 years. She has dedicated herself to this paper, bringing good news and local updates to the community. Yet come the autumn of 2017, she was ready to hand this labor of love over to someone new. Someone who would take care of its solid reputation and valued resources. Someone that would seek to continue to bring the positive news, sports, and events to the communities in and around Deer Park, Clayton, and Loon Lake.

There seemed that no one was ready to take up this mantle and the Gazette might slip away into obscurity, leaving nearly 8,000 readers wondering where their paper had gone.

This is where local business owner Richie Schut, his wife, Crystal, and business partner, Brandon Whitworth, come in. They saw this paper as a great asset to their town and community and a tradition they wanted to continue. Their business TRECpro, (initially founded as Shortbird Multimedia in 2002), has been offering websites, graphic and print design, as well as IT services for over 15 years and has continued to grow into other areas including managed marketing plans, E-Commerce, Printing, Online Advertising, Reputation Management, along with other related services.

Already making changes and forming big plans to make improvements and expand the reach of the paper, the Deer Park Gazette has added a Facebook page and soon will launch a new website.  Both will allow more interaction with readers as well as offer more up-to-date news updates. The printed paper will have much of the same content that you have come to know and love.

In short.  We want to thank Sue Kelsch for all her years of service and giving our community a wonderful little paper. TRECpro promises to try to keep the spirit of the Deer Park Gazette alive and make sure the paper is around to serve for many decades to come.

If you think you want to write or share photos from local events please contact the editor at [email protected]

For advertising and other inquiries please contact the publisher at [email protected]

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