Councilmember Newsom Resigns, Applications Open

Deer Park City is seeking a new city council member following Heather Newsom’s resignation. Applications are now open, and residents have a unique opportunity to shape their local government.

During the June 5th Deer Park City Council meeting, Mayor Tim Verzal announced the resignation of Council Member Heather Newsom. Newsom, moving outside the city limits, will officially step down at the end of June. The city is now accepting applications to fill her position, which the City Council will vote on.

Heather Newsom won her seat in 2021 and was sworn into office in 2022, assuming the responsibilities of Council Position #3. Her departure triggers a process outlined by Washington State law (RCW 42.12.070), which mandates the council to appoint a replacement within 90 days. 

If no one is selected before that time expires, the county commissioners will have 90 additional days to make an appointment. If neither the council nor the county commissioners can agree on an appointment, the task will pass to the Governor.

City Council Member Requirements

  • Registered Voter
  • Residing Within City Limits 1 Year Minimum
  • Submitted Application(Minimum Required Details Below)
    • Full Name
    • Residential Address 
    • Length At Residence
    • Registered Voter Status



The City of Deer Park’s application for council requires applicants to provide several key pieces of information. Applicants must include their full name, physical and mailing addresses, and indicate how long they have been residents of Deer Park. They must confirm their status as registered voters and provide their telephone numbers and email addresses. Additionally, the application asks candidates to explain their interest in the position and outline their qualifications. Applicants should also detail their employment history and any community-related activities they have been involved in.

The appointed individual will serve until the next election cycle in 2025 when the position will be up for re-election. Those interested in serving the community are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications can also be available at City Hall, 316 E. Crawford, Monday through Thursday, from 7am to 5pm.

Interviews for the position will commence during the regular City Council meeting on July 17th, 2024. Mayor Verzal and the council members will evaluate candidates to ensure a suitable replacement is found. 

The selection of the new City Council member is significant, as this person, with the rest of the council, will play a key role in choosing the additional two City Council members mandated by state law when Deer Park’s population surpasses 5,000 residents.


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