Winner Christmas Coloring Contest, Kids’ Age Group

An array of entries flooded the Deer Park Gazette Coloring Contest kids’ category, showcasing the vibrant imagination of Deer Park’s youth. While all submissions warmed our hearts, we’re excited to announce one winner and two honored mentions.  Thank you to all of the sponsors for making this happen!

The diversity of entries made the judging process both delightful and challenging. Each submission brought its own unique charm, making it a tough decision to narrow down the winners. Our team carefully considered every piece, appreciating the effort and thought put into each creation.

After much deliberation, we are thrilled to announce the winner of the kids’ contest. Additionally, two entries have been selected for honored mentions, recognizing the exceptional effort and creativity displayed.

None of this would have been possible without our wonderful local sponsors for this annual contest; please support them.

Sponsors & Prizes 

Gold Sponsors

  • Scott’s Family Tree Nursery
    $60 Credit toward purchase of anything (approximate value = 4 berry bushes)


Prize Sponsors


The winner of the kids’ age group for the
Deer Park Gazette Christmas Coloring Contest 2023 is:

Ana C. Age 9

At just nine years old, Ana showcased remarkable skill by employing a light, delicate touch in coloring, crafting a soft and gentle feel that speaks volumes about her budding artistic talent. We will be contacting the winner regarding their prizes after Christmas. 

Honorable Mentions

Taylor P.
Age 7 years old
Seven-year-old Taylor has astounded with a burst of bright and surreal colors in their entry, skillfully using white tones to accentuate the characters and deliver one of the most vivid and colorful compositions.


Brooke B.
Age 8 years old
Employing around ten vibrant colors, Brooke, at eight years old, brings a lively and cheerful scene to life in her artwork.


Barnabas U
Age 3
Our youngest contestant, 3-year-old Barnabas, has added a delightful touch to this year’s entries. We look forward to witnessing his growth and improved skills in the coming years’ contests.

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