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Dear Editor,

Scott Campbell, Fred Senn, and Billy Costello – I urge you to vote for these candidates in our Deer Park City Council election.

Scott Campbell: Scott has served on two task forces and volunteered his time already to serve you. I agree with Scott on many of the current issues facing Deer Park. 

Fred Senn: Fred’s military and business background will be an asset to the city. He, unlike his incumbent opponent, sees a need for more community development, better city communication, and helping Deer Park adopt some of the everyday technology that would help us communicate with him and each other.

Billy Costello: Billy is my favorite candidate this year across the board. His leadership as part of the Chamber of Commerce has been helpful and his focus on economic development will be very helpful to our city.

These gentlemen may not want or need my endorsement, but they have it. I’m sure they’ll make choices at some point differently than I would, but I am glad to have positive choices to make in the governance of my community.

For my full statement see the video at https://fb.watch/nMpTU0_4-P/.


Thank you,

Caleb Stapp

Deer Park City Councilmember

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