Pavement Projects Starting Soon

Annual road maintenance is set to begin next week. Multiple roads will be impacted by the pavement preservation project. This year, Inland Asphalt Company will perform the project, which bid $282,000. 

Above: North Park Avenue will have new pavement from where it connects to Crawford Street headed toward Mix Park, where the road transitions into 3rd Street. 

Below: High Desert Drive will have crews working on about 11,500 feet of roadway from 6th headed North.

Pros of Pavement Preservation:

  • Cost-Effective: Preservation treatments are typically less expensive than full-scale road reconstruction.
  • Extended Lifespan: Proper preservation techniques can significantly extend the life of existing roads, reducing the frequency of major repairs or replacements.
  • Safety Improvement: Smoother, well-maintained road surfaces enhance driving safety by reducing hazards like potholes and cracks.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Preservation activities often require fewer materials and generate less waste than reconstruction, minimizing their environmental footprint.
  • Less Traffic Disruption: Preservation efforts are less disruptive to traffic flow than extensive construction projects, minimizing congestion and delays.
  • Quality of Life: Well-maintained roads contribute to a higher quality of life for residents, reducing wear and tear on vehicles and enhancing aesthetics.

Cons of Pavement Preservation:

  • Temporary Solutions: Preservation treatments are not permanent fixes and may need to be repeated at regular intervals, which can add up over time.
  • Limited Effect on Structural Issues: Preservation techniques are most effective when addressing surface distress; they may not fully resolve underlying structural issues.
  • Traffic Management: Preservation activities, though less disruptive than reconstruction, can still require temporary road closures or lane restrictions, affecting traffic.

Pavement preservation offers numerous advantages, including cost savings, safety improvements, and environmental benefits. However, it also has limitations, such as the need for periodic treatments and the challenge of addressing structural issues. Balancing these pros and cons is crucial for effective road maintenance and infrastructure management.

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