Deer Park Yard Sale Starts Friday

Prepare for a fun-filled three-day event as Deer Park Yard Sale (DPYS) commences Friday (August 4th). Yard sales are being added daily by enthusiastic hosts, and tonight, the map will become live for everyone to explore. 

DPYS will take place this year on August 4th-6th. Since 2009, DPYS has been bringing local yard and garage sales together into a unified, city-wide event. It’s that time of the year when individuals take the opportunity to declutter their homes by hosting a sale or having a thrilling day of bargain hunting. Shoppers from various regions, including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and even Canada, have participated in this exciting community event.

The Map
The DPYS website will feature an online and printable map showcasing all the sales and additional information the hosts provided. Registering and adding your sale is open until the day of the event and is entirely free. The map will be made live to the public on the night of August 3rd, courtesy of the organizers.

For both hosts and shoppers, the DPYS site offers helpful tips to ensure a successful weekend. Whether you are hosting a sale or looking for treasures, these tips will be valuable in making the most of the DPYS experience.

Promote your sale, sign up at While DPYS will be advertising the event’s sales, spreading the word is always beneficial. Inform your friends and neighbors, and encourage them to participate. Utilize large and clear signs to guide visitors to your sale. For additional tips, visit:


Remember to create a list of items you need and plan your route accordingly. Remember to bring refreshments to stay nourished and hydrated during your outing. Feel free to ask questions and be open to negotiating with sellers. For additional tips, visit: 

For additional information, please visit The FAQ page is a convenient resource for answers to several common questions. If you have any further inquiries, a contact form is available to assist you. Stay updated on the event by following them on Facebook at

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