Council Debates Growing Issues

The City Pool will open soon. The City Council debated and voted on hiring a consultant to complete the Law Enforcement Study. Growing Deer Park with annexation request and 107 new homes approved for development.

Below is a summary of a few of the issues discussed at the last council meeting, held on June 21st of this year. Watch the video at the bottom or click a link to view a portion of the meeting that interests you. 

Summer Activities
The city pool opens for the season on July 1st, offering free access to the public. City staff has worked hard to ensure the pool is fully staffed with certified lifeguards and facility maintenance has been completed.  It operates from Monday to Saturday, with an adult swim session from noon to 1pm and open swim from 1pm to 5pm.

Independence Day fireworks are scheduled for July 4th to begin at dark, estimated to be around 10pm. The main viewing area will be the Deer Park High School Football Field at 800 S. Weber. The school concession stands will be open from 6pm until 10pm. Consumer fireworks are not permitted on school or city property. Misuse of fireworks could result in criminal charges, fines, and/or an arrest.

Annexation Request
The next step for an annexation request, to schedule a public hearing, was discussed at the last city council meeting. The public hearing has been scheduled for August 2nd, 2023. The property included in the annexation request is south of Parkway Auto Center and the Habitat for Humanity development.

Council vote was split 4 to 1

  • In Favor: Upchurch, Stapp, Newsom, & Diaz
  • Against: Cragun

Fire Fighting & Airport Upgrades
The council approved a list of agenda items related to the airport. Firefighting aircraft have for many years been stationed at the Deer Park Airport. To continue that, the airport is working on a five-year contract with the US Forest Service. In the past, the agreements have been renewed on a yearly basis. 

New lots have been added to the airport to lease and build hangers on. The airport is also planning sewer extension in further preparation for future construction. There will also be some minor updates to the flightline along new and existing lots.

All of the airport agenda items were approved by the council unanimously.

Pausing Law Enforcement Consultant
Despite previously budgeting for a consultant to work with the City Law Enforcement Task Force to complete a study of Deer Park’s law enforcement situation, the council voted not to pursue a contract with the selected consultant. 

The reason for this decision varied among Council Members. It was discussed that the cost of $100,000 or less was not justified at this time. While Council Members Upchurch and Stapp pointed out that the study could save literally millions of dollars in the near future. The timing was also pointed out as an issue with an additional Sheriff Deputy starting on contract as of July 1st. However, the study would take as much as six months to complete and could include the impacts of the additional Deputy. 

Council vote was split 2 to 3

  • In Favor: Upchurch, Stapp
  • Against: Cragun, Newsom, & Diaz

Mountainview Meadows Development
The Council has approved 107 lots for homes in the Mountainview Meadow Housing Development. The new homes will be located on the northwest side of the golf course.

Key Points

  • 00:00 – Call to Order & Roll Call 
  • 00:20 – Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance 
  • 01:35 – Approval of Agenda & Meeting Minutes 
  • 02:00 – Comments From The Audience 
  • 04:15 – New Business – Annexation Request 
  • 09:55 – New Business – Airport Lot Map Update 
  • 11:15 – New Business – Airport Sewer Extension 
  • 14:00 – New Business – Airport Flightline Update 
  • 15:00 – New Business – Airport US Forest Service Agreement 
  • 17:10 – Old Business – Law Enforcement Consultant 
  • 42:20 – Consent Agenda 
  • 44:00 – Report of Departments – Jake Barlass, Building & Code Enforcement 
  • 45:15 – Report of Departments – Roger Krieger, Community Services 
  • 49:35 – Report of Departments – Brad Wainwright, Parks & Streets 
  • 52:30 – Report of Departments – Darold Schultz, Airport 
  • 53:50 – Council Member Report – Caleb Stapp


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