Princess Project Donations Needed

Keiran Brown and Linda Schoening are launching Deer Park’s Princess Project.  This not-for-profit task is to gather donated formal dresses and give them away to girls who otherwise might not be able to afford a dazzling dress to wear to prom. Their goal is to collect at least 75 dresses by March 15th.

Prom has been a momentous high school event for decades. For many girls, the experience starts well before the party. Her efforts may include planning hair, makeup, and accessories, as well as shopping for the perfect dress. What about the young people who can’t afford formal attire?

Keiran Brown, an organizer of The Princess Project, said that she grew up in a small town like Deer Park with a similar program. 

“It was the only way I could get a dress in high school.” Brown stated, “I had the thought of starting a program like the one I had growing up, which was also called the Princess Project.” 

Brown later added, “I called and talked with the lady that worked the one in my old town, and she told me how to start.”

For the time being, the Princess Project is solely for Deer Park girls, but Brown hopes they can get enough dresses to open it up area-wide, as well as making dresses available for additional events such as Homecoming, Miss Deer Park, or any other event a young lady may need a formal dress.

With a goal of 75 long gowns by March 15th, Brown and Schoening need the community’s help, so search your closets and spread the word. Your like new and gently used formal dresses could positively impact a young lady who wants to feel like a princess at prom. 

After dresses are gathered, The Princess Project will set up a place for girls to browse and try dresses. They currently don’t have a location to set up shop in, so volunteers are storing dresses in their homes. 

Donated dresses will be given to anyone who seeks a gown on a first-come-first-served basis.  No proof of income or need is required. “With today’s economy, a free prom dress fits everyone’s budget,” said Brown.  

Dresses of all sizes and shapes are needed. 

Drop Off locations:
Real Estate Marketplace 404 S Main St.  (ask for Linda Schoening)
Deer Park High School 800 S Webber Rd. (ask for Kieran Brown or Taylor Brudwick)

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Keiran Brown or Linda Schoening.

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