Meet The New Director At Deer Park Ambulance

David Campanella, the Director of Deer Park Ambulance.

Recently appointed David Campanella is now serving as the director of Deer Park Ambulance. David is leading the organization through a reorganization with an emphasis on community and transparency following the termination of the contract by Spokane County Fire District #4 (SCFD#4).

When the contract was terminated  in December of last year, the board of Deer Park Ambulance sprung to action to ensure the organization’s health. Recently, one of the critical changes the organization made was to appoint David Campanella as the new Director.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, David cited the School of Hard Knocks as part of his educational background. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy with encouragement from his family. He served in the Navy for 32 years, primarily as an electrician. 

While planning a move to the Spokane area in 1990, David picked Deer Park, Washington from a map to be his new hometown. For many years he owned a home inspection business which resulted in close connections with many community members and business owners.

Over the years, David has built a name for himself in the medical community. He has worked at local hospitals providing patient transport and as a registered nurse’s aide. David studied to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS), part of Providence. In 2017 he started volunteering with Deer Park Ambulance as an EMT. Later he worked as a part-time paid staff member at Deer Park Ambulance in addition to volunteering. During a transitional period, he served as Interim Director for Deer Park Ambulance in 2020 and 2021.

David explained, “…I could never be away from this line of work. It becomes a part of you, and I wanted to serve the community that I came to know.” He added, “I’m not the only one, there’s many people here at Deer Park Ambulance, Everyone. I’ve met really the most compassionate, dedicated people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with…”

In explaining why everyone is so dedicated to the community, he said, “When we leave here to go on a call, the only thing we could think about is how we’re going to take care of this person on their worst day.”

Future Of Deer Park Ambulance
The termination of the contract with Spokane County Fire District #4 has necessitated a reorganization for Deer Park Ambulance to ensure the health of the organization. While reallocating staff and ambulances has been a big part of the change, David has emphasized the importance of transparency with the community and staff as a top priority. During our interview, David made it clear that the history of Deer Park Ambulance is important and helps to set the direction for the future.

The contract with Steven County Fire District is the focus now; however, David has promised that Deer Park Ambulance will always have a connection with Deer Park in the future. More of the organization’s resources will be located and utilized in the Loon Lake and Suncrest areas. When staff and ambulances are available in Deer Park, they will respond to critical overflow when called by SCFD#4. The Deer Park building will be mostly used for administration, training, and vehicle maintenance. 

A new contract with SCFD#4 would be welcomed by David and the board, as their heart is to serve the community. David made it clear saying, “For years Deer Park Ambulance, had an ambulance housed in the fire station in district, Station 41. One time it was at Station 42 in Chattaroy, and in Station 46 in Riverside. And we worked alongside many of the fire crews and responded with them. And on a personal note, I have a lot of friends there.”

Getting Involved
Deer Park Ambulance was founded as a volunteer organization in 1948, originally as Deer Park Volunteer Fire. Now one of only two non-profit ambulance organizations left in the state of Washington. Volunteerism is still very much an important part of the organization, even as more EMTs and Paramedics become paid staff. There are multiple ways everyone can help Deer Park Ambulance. 

For anyone considering or entering a medical profession, Deer Park Ambulance has a long-treasured history of helping young adults launch into medical fields. David explained that, “It’s an honor, a privilege to be able to take young people fresh out of high school or graduating from college and help them with their new career.” He continued, by adding, “The people that have come through these doors have gone on to some really great careers in the medical field so we’re proud of them.”

There are several important government and organizational meetings that need input and representation from community members. Consider attending some of the following meetings:

  • Deer Park Ambulance Board Meetings
  • Spokane County Fire District #4 Board Meetings
  • Stevens County Fire District #1 Board Meetings
  • Deer Park City Council Meetings

See the events page for dates and times.

You can also volunteer with Deer Park Ambulance in a number of ways, from fundraising to paramedic services. Contact David Campanella at Deer Park Ambulance for more information at 509-276-2789.

No taxes are collected to fund Deer Park Ambulance; donations are  welcome. You can use the Donate button on to send money via PayPal. 


  • Interview with David Campanella January 20th 2023
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