Nominate WinterFest Honored Citizen

Pictured above Marilyn Reilly received her Honored Citizen Award at the WinterFest 2022. Sadly Marilyn passed away and will not be able to enjoy Winterfest this year.

Do you know someone who has made a noteworthy contribution to our community? The WinterFest committee is asking you to nominate that Deer Park citizen to be honored in the WinterFest 2023 celebration. However, time is of the essence.

Why This Honor Is Important
As the 38th annual WinterFest approaches, it’s clear to see how much our little town is changing and growing. However, something that has not changed is the many among us, who work hard to make our community better. They go above and beyond the call of duty and have been doing it for years without the expectation of recognition. 

Is there a person in your life who made a difference to you? To your neighborhood? Let’s honor them together.

What They Are Looking For
Nominations are being accepted for Deer Park Kiwanis WinterFest 2023 Honored Citizen(s) or Organization Award. They are looking for a local resident(s) or organization whose service and dedication have made a significant contribution to our community. The nominee needs to live, work, volunteer or have a business in Deer Park. 

How To Nominate
Along with the name of the nominee provide a short narrative on why this person or group deserves to be honored. 

Deadline for nominations is: November 16, 2022.
Nominations can be emailed to Julie Ives:

  • Email: jiv[email protected] with the subject “WinterFest Nominee”
  • Mailed to: Deer Park Kiwanis Club PO Box 1074 Deer Park, WA 99006
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