Know Your Stevens County Candidates 2022

Election season has officially started in Washington State as Stevens County representatives have officially declared their candidacy in different county positions. 

Stevens County, home to nine different cities, is beginning to fill with posters, billboards, and stickers for many different candidates in the upcoming 2022 election. While only a select few candidates have posters or billboards, it’s important to know everyone that’s running for office within the county. 

Ballots will vary on location, covered below are positions up for election in Stevens County.  

For a list of dates for voter registration, voting deadlines, and more for Washington state go to our previous article: Know Your Candidates 2022

Candidate Name – Hometown/Party Affiliation


  • Dewey “Dude” Simmons – Kettle Falls/Republican
  • Bryce Stearns– Chewelah/Republican
  • Rick Johnson – Northport/Republican



  • Lori Larsen – Chewelah/ Republican – Incumbent



  • Michelle Enright – Colville/Republican – Incumbent



  • Lorrie Sampson – Colville/Republican – Incumbent
  • Ramona Colvin – Valley/Republican


Prosecuting Attorney

  • Erika George – Colville/Republican
  • Nick Force – Colville/Republican
  • Geoff Kristianson – Chewelah/ Republican
  • Ken Tyndal – Colville/ Republican



  • Brad A. Manke – Colville/Republican – Incumbent



  • Leslie Valz – Colville/Republican – Incumbent


District Court Judge 

  • Gina A. Tviet – Colville – Incumbent



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