Fill the Bag Book Sale

Spokane County Library District (SCLD) will be holding an end-of-year used book sale. Buy a tote, fill it with books, CDs, DVDs, etc!  Support your local libraries while adding to your collection of treasures. 

Everyone is welcome to purchase an SCLD tote bag even if they do not have a library card. These gently used items make great gifts for friends, family, or simply to treat yourself.

How the used book sale works:

  • Stop into an SCLD library between December 12th–31st (while supplies last).
  • Purchase a reusable SCLD tote bag for $5 at the service desk.
  • Fill the tote bag with used items from the “Fill the Bag” shelves.

All items from the “Fill the Bag” section at the library, including hardcover and paperback books, CDs, and DVDs, are eligible for this sale. Titles will be in all different genres and formats for your shopping pleasure. Some examples of what you could find are nonfiction, self-help, memoirs, autobiographies, contemporary fiction, westerns, romance, fantasy, science fiction, children’s books, young adult fiction, music CDs, and DVDs of both movies and TV shows.

If you want more books than your tote can hold, You can either buy a second tote to fill up, or you can bring your tote back to the library, pay another $5, and fill it up a second time during the sale.
For more information on the libraries or programs, please visit or call (509)893-8200.

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