PO Box Price Increase

The US Post Office located in Deer Park has added a number of services. As a result of the extra services and increased local population the rates for post office boxes has increased.  

Street Addressing
The post office can receive your packages from most private carriers at no additional cost. Previously packages delivered using this method required additional postage. To ship your packages directly to the post office using the format below, remember to add your post office box number.

First Name, Last Name
19 South Vernon Ave, POB#
Deer Park, WA 99006

Signature on File
With a signature on file letters and packages that would otherwise require a signature can be placed directly into your post office box. 

Residential Street Delivery
For many years the only option for residents within Deer Park was renting a box because the post office would not deliver to street addresses. However as demand for post office boxes has increased, residential delivery has been made available for many within the city. To get mail delivered to your home you will need to get a mailbox and install it in a location approved by the local postmaster. After installing you will also need to submit a form to begin delivery to your new mailing address.

PO Box Prices
Prices have increased for the post office boxes starting on August 29th of this year. The boxes can be rented in 3, 6, or 12 month periods. The prices below are for a year.

  • $118 Size 1-XS
  • $166 Size 2-S
  • $284 Size 3-M
  • Not Currently Available Size 4-L
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