Letter To The Editor: Endorsing Richard Schut

Typewriter with paper reading "Letters to the Editor"

Dear Editor,

Councilman Richie Schut has been serving well and should be re-elected by Deer Park’s citizens. He has been a friend, a boss, a mentor, and a colleague through the years and I’m proud to call him my neighbor (his is the second door to the west of my own). 

Councilman Richard Schut’s campaign focuses on key issues that affect your everyday life and I want to highlight three that are crucial to our future: creating a more enjoyable parks system for our community, making your council more effective, and helping your kids and grandkids have a place to live in our beautiful town.

I love our parks and enjoy them regularly. You do too and I think Councilman Schut has our full support as he works on plans to make our parks system better. You may have noticed that several of our bigger parks seem to get the most attention and money while small neighborhood parks have been ignored. Councilman Schut is working to put together a cohesive plan where each park has a specific purpose and is tended with care. Share your ideas with him – he listens!

Councilman Schut and I want you to be able to hear, see, and fully participate in the council’s meetings. As a local business owner specializing in communication technology his expertise is what we need. If you’ve been frustrated by how Deer Park has lagged behind other cities in making council meetings easy to participate in and councilmembers easy to communicate with then vote to re-elect Schut. We will continue working together to make certain your voice is heard.

Can you or your kids buy a home here? Will your grandkids be able to settle down across the street, or will they be forced to live somewhere cheaper to build? Deer Park’s home prices have been driven up in part due to factors outside of anyone’s control, but there are key pain points where our own systems need to be changed so that we’re not keeping our kids and grandkids from the American dream of home ownership. Councilman Schut cares about protecting your family’s future.

I implore to you listen to a Council Meeting to hear Councilman Schut’s probing questions and thoughtful commentary on current issues as he serves you now. Read more about his views, get a yard sign, thank him for his service and his willingness to continue working for you, and the join me in voting to re-elect Councilman Schut.

Find out more:
Call: 208-64-99006
Search: www.richard.theschuts.com
Social: www.facebook.com/ElectRichardSchut

Caleb Stapp
City Council Member
Leader of Discover Deer Park

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