Letter To The Editor: Endorsing Jason Upchurch

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Dear Editor,

I’m excited to endorse Jason Upchurch to serve alongside me on the Deer Park City Council. Jason and I have worked together for years to make Deer Park a better place to live and I trust his values and vision for our future.

When I began attending the Deer Park City Council meetings, Jason Upchurch had been there participating for several years already. He regularly brought one or two of his children with him to pass on our shared American values and teach them about democracy in action. I soon imitated his excellent example. 

Upchurch’s vision for fresh, conservative leadership resonates deeply with me. He’s a constitutionalist who believes in limited government and already leads our community in shared action to improve Deer Park. Jason’s experience on our Planning Commission means that he’s already volunteering in an official capacity and is already working through the issues he’ll face as a councilman. 

Jason Upchurch is leading the pack of candidates vying for this position with a commitment to a clean campaign, a clear statement of his deeply held beliefs so you’ll know where he stands, and by regularly engaging in direct dialogue with residents both in-person and online. The time and energy he devotes to answering questions and communicating well with his neighbors even when they disagree demonstrates his superior qualifications and depth of love for his fellow man.

I encourage you to discover more about Jason Upchurch, his service to our community, his many qualifications, and what Fresh Conservative Leadership means to him. He has my vote to be City Councilman Upchurch serving us all in 2022 and beyond.

Find out more:
Call: 509-994-1360
Email: [email protected]
Search: www.VoteForJasonUpchurch.com
Social: www.facebook.com/voteforjasonupchurch

Caleb Stapp
City Council Member
Leader of Discover Deer Park

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