Rotary’s Little Free Libraries Need Books

Clear out those bookshelves and give access to books that you have loved enough to add to your own personal library.  Find treasures yourself by going as far as your closest Little Free Library.

The Deer Park Rotary had a problem with having a donation box receiving books, but not having a program to help support literacy and community service because of the books no longer used for the book event at the elementary school. So, back in September of last year they installed their first Little Free Library. 

There have been six libraries installed since then by volunteers in the following locations:

  •  Riverside Centerplace Market, 34710 N Newport Hwy, Chattaroy, WA  
  • 116 N Stevens Ave, Deer Park, WA  
  • Lifeworks Financial, 102 W Crawford St Ste A, Deer Park, WA  
  • Greenhouse Community Center, 211 Fir Ave, Deer Park, WA  
  • Heroes Homestead, 4779 Gibson Dahl Road, Clayton, WA
  • 3833 E. Eloika Road, Deer Park, WA 99006

Four of the six installations are at club members’ homes or businesses. They will watch over and restock those locations. 

This is where we as a community need to help.This program has been such a great success that they are low on books and would love your donations. There are two ways that you can do that:

  • There is a blue donation drop box at Yoke’s Fresh Market, located at 810 S Main St in Deer Park. 
  • You could take the books to one of the Rotary’s free library locations listed above.

A committee within the club will collect the donated books,  provide books for the various locations, and maintain the libraries as needed.  Exchanging books is also encouraged, but the  book donation will provide a continuing source for replenishing inventory. 

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