Parking Around Town – Perrins Field

Located in the center of downtown at 315 East Crawford Avenue is Perrins Field Park. The field was dedicated and named after the teacher, coach, and civic leader Sam Perrins.  Perrins arrived in Deer Park in 1931, and became a fixture in the school system for over 30 years.  He is the person who spearheaded clearing the land to provide a football field for the high school students who were, at that time, located across the street in what is now City Hall.    

Perrins Field is a neighborhood park, and was once larger than it is today.  Necessary construction of the firehouse brought its size down to 1.7 acres.  The fenced open field is perfect for a game of soccer, frisbee, kite flying, or just sitting to rest and have a picnic. Restroom facilities are located in the northeast portion of the park. When the weather is best, Perrins Field Park hosts the Chamber of Commerce’s First Saturday Market from 10 am – 2 pm on the first Saturday of each summer month.

Roger Krieger, Community Services Director for the City of Deer Park, has announced the city has plans to install a meandering walking path in the park.  The path will be marked with distance markers for enthusiasts to track their athletic accomplishments.  Mayor Tim Verzal had wanted to install it sooner, but COVID delayed those plans.  Krieger said he expects the path to be installed, weather permitting, this spring.  

Perrins Field has street parking along its perimeter, and is within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and the post office.

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