Keep on Truckin Miss Deer Park

“The show must go on” is the saying and the Miss Deer Park Scholarship Association takes it to heart as they maneuver a third year of creative planning. Eight junior girls worked their hearts out, condensing three months of training into two intensive weeks of practice, each hoping to earn the title of Miss Deer Park.

The Miss Deer Park Scholarship Association has been forced to face many challenges for the last several years in a row. First, in 2019, a burst pipe at the Deer Park High School meant organizers had to find a different venue to host their program. They eventually relocated to the Mead School. Then, in 2020, they had to limit the size of the audience due to the new COVID restrictions that were just beginning to shut things down. Consisting mostly of family members of the contestants, and a few media representatives in attendance. The Gazette was also privileged to be able to host a recording of the 2020 event online so that more members of the community could enjoy the program. To see more on that story, go to:

The theme this year is “Keep on Truckin”. It is an apt theme as the Miss Deer Park Scholarship Association shows us again their amazing ability to quickly adapt their plans so they can give contestants a chance to compete and earn scholarships for college. 

The modified 2021 program will be held at Christ’s Church of Deer Park (5804 W, Herman Road, Deer Park) with a maximum attendance of 150 people. Like last year, the audience will consist mostly of family members and personal invites of the contestants, who were given 12 tickets only each. There will be a very limited number of tickets available at the door for $10 per seat. 

The junior girls competing this year are:

#1 Ilee Stone

#2 Kaity Wacker 

#3 Addie Shroyer

#4 Lianna Shupe

#5 Xandria Moss

#6 Cara Polensky

#7 Mason Griffin

#8 Mya Dedicos

These ladies will not only be performing for the audience, but for a panel of judges as well.  Each lady is judged according to her own merit and not in comparison to the others. Each category contributes to the contestant’s score.

  • Judges interview 20%
  • Scholastic achievement 25% 
  • Creative and performing arts 15%
  • Fitness 15%
  • Presence and Composure 15%
  • Participation 10%

The traditional building of the float will not take place this year and last year’s float will be used. Miss Deer Park and the Miss Deer Park Princesses have the honor of attending Chamber luncheons, Grand Opening ceremonies and various other community events during the year. The contestants receiving top honors in individual categories, as well as Miss Deer Park or Deer Park Princess titles, will receive scholarship monies generously donated by local businesses and individuals. 

Save the date!

Miss Deer Park Scholarship Program

Saturday, April 24, 2021, 6:00pm

Christ’s Church of Deer Park


Featured Photo By Richard Schut

Caption:  The eight contestants for the 2021 Miss Deer Park and the current 2020 royalty practice for the upcoming competition. 

Photos of Miss Deer Park Competitors By Hawkinson Photography

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