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A transportation package proposed in January aims to bring in $26.7 billion and spend $25.8 billion over the next 16 years. This taxation would be part of an effort to steer towards cleaner fuel options, carbon reduction initiatives, and would include plans to fund highway-related upkeep and developments. As a result of this plan, Washington drivers could see a total of $1 per gallon for fuel related taxes.

As part of the spending plan, the revenue gained through these tax and fee increases would fund several carbon reduction initiatives such as electrification of ferries and other vessels, modernizing rail systems, and providing grant money for various transportation programs and projects. Highway-related spending would largely serve to fund the maintenance and preservation of roads, replacing culverts, and state and local projects.

Nearly $27 billion in revenue and $26 billion in new spending would result from the proposal, seeing a gradual increase in these taxes over 16 years. View the full House Democrats Proposed Transportation Revenue Package at

The proposal, presented at the House Democratic caucus, would impose an increase in gas tax of 18 cents, in addition to a carbon tax of $15 per metric ton (roughly 13.3 cents per gallon). This amounts to a 31.3 cent per gallon increase, bringing the total taxes paid to 99.1 cents. Currently, Washingtonians pay 67.8 cents per gallon in tax. Also included in the proposal are a number of fee increases charged by the Washington Department of Licensing including plate, title and driver’s license fees.


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