Featured Adoptable Pet: Finn


Name: Finn
Breed: Caucasian Ovcharka
Size: Extra Large 
Energy: Medium/low 

Spayed/Neutered: Yes 
Up To Date On Vaccinations?: Yes 
Dewormed? Yes 

Rescue: Murci’s Mission Inc
Contact: [email protected], www.murcismission.org

Finn is a young adult purebred Caucasian Ovcharka. He weighs 130lbs. He could make a suitable pet for a family with space for him to roam. Or he could function as a property guardian with a family that offered him companionship and access to a garage or shop at minimum for shelter, and still included him on family adventures like hikes and trips to town etc. 

Taking Trazadone to control his containment anxiety, Finn’s quality of life has greatly improved, not only in regards to containment, but also improved his joy in playing with other pets and relaxing in general.

Finn is not an easy dog, and he’s not a dog for anyone hoping for a casual, easy keeper pet. He’s going to take financial investment and a lifestyle to accommodate his needs in regards to confinement. Before applying for Finn, please make sure that you’re fully committed to working through the challenges of helping him settle into a new family. We have worked with him in depth and our bio is honest and forthcoming. We do not feel that Finn has any human aggression issues or intent to harm anyone. 

*Information is approximate and based on the information given to the rescue group involved.  Personality/disposition reports are based on one person or family’s experience.  Animals respond to different people and locations in different ways. Contact rescue for more information, or to learn about other adoptable animals in their care.

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