City Council Meetings Now Streaming

Deer Park City Council meetings are now streaming on the Deer Park Gazette Facebook page. The entire phone conference will be streamed live. Meetings are held every first and third Wednesday at 7pm.

The City Council has been holding their meetings via conference call since April 2020. After realizing that COVID restriction and caution would not allow them to meet in person anytime soon, they adopted the conference call method for holding their public meetings. Anyone in the community can join in the call to listen to the discussion, though they are not allowed to weigh in on the conversation, with only a few exceptions for public hearings. 

With the conversation now streaming on Facebook, you’re no longer required to dial into the conference call and hang out with your phone. You can also come back to our page and replay the audio at any time.  

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Take Note

The live audio stream of the City Council meeting is run by the Deer Park Gazette; any questions asked in the comments cannot be seen by the council during the meeting and will likely not be answered by city officials at any time. 

Due to the unpredictability of the internet, social media, and other factors, there may be interruptions in the feed or breaks in the audio. 

To join the actual city council conference call, dial 1-669-224-3412 and use access code 805-100-029. You will be able to listen in on the meeting, but place your phone on mute if you do not wish others to hear you.

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