A City Evolves: Planning and Progress

Deer Park’s population is growing and forecasts predict it will continue to do so. A question naturally arises: How can Deer Park keep its charm and character while continuing to grow? 

Even before its incorporation on June 24, 1908, early residents and non-residents alike looked to Deer Park as a rural escape from Spokane. It was a community they had created for themselves while working with the Spokane Falls/Great Northern Railway, Arcadia Orchards, or Short and Crawford’s lumber mill, whose structure eventually became the city’s center. More than a century later, with few remnants of the lumber mill or orchards left, many of the town’s residents still cherish the charm, character, and “escape from the city” Deer Park provides. Many would like it to stay this way.  

While no one can foresee exactly what future growth may look like, city planners work months, even years, in advance to make the best use of land for the town and the population it serves.

The role of Roger Krieger, Community Services Director for the City of Deer Park, is to process the requests of planners, developers, and others who want to make changes to the landscape. He also informs the public of these proposals by publishing the request as a legal notice and mailing a “Notice of Application” to affected area residents. This notice provides for a minimum 14-day public comment period following the date of the Notice of Application. Krieger explained, “The growth starts years in advance, with alert citizens responding to the notifications.” He then stressed, “By the time an item comes before the city council to vote on, all the permits, reports, investments, and improvements have already been made through the city planning department – which is where the process begins.” 

Maintaining the unique identity of Deer Park is an investment for all residents.  We can have input for its continuing evolution by responding to these notices and/or participating in the planning hearings conducted for the public’s benefit.  

What future do you want to see for the City of Deer Park?  

Check out the 5 Questions article and send us your answers at: DPGazette.com/5growth


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