Winterfest 2021 Cancelled

The first town event of the new year has been canceled. The Deer Park Kiwanis Club’s WinterFest 2021 will not be happening due to pandemic related hurdles.

With the continuation of traditional events being canceled this year, the hope for a new year to begin on a fresher note has been put on hold.  The Kiwanis Club of Deer Park has had to cancel their annual Winterfest event.  “One reason we decided to cancel Winterfest was due to the lack of having a facility. Since we utilize the high school for our event and they are currently not allowing use of the facility we did not have a location. We also felt during these difficult times asking for sponsorship from businesses may not be possible,” explained Stacey Lewis, president of the Deer Park Kiwanis Club.

The Kiwanis Club also had to cancel its Helmet Giveaway in May and have suffered setbacks in this year’s fund raising ability.  They were unable to have their food booth at the limited Settlers Day and have had to postpone their biennial Culpepper & Merriweather Circus, a delightful event usually held in odd numbered years.

If you have lived in Deer Park for any length of time, you have likely benefited from the voluntary contributions of Kiwanis Club members.  “We are inviting the community to join us so our membership can grow and continue to provide community events,” said Stacey Lewis.  The club meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 6pm at the Deer Park Pizza Factory.  Social distancing is observed.

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