Success For Local Youth

The 2020 Corona Classic was a successful day that took place because of volunteers from many communities. With fairs being cancelled due to COVID-19, restrictions left youth livestock producers without a place to showcase their livestock projects. Doug Knight of Knight Family Airport LLC had a vision with other community volunteers to help youth from the area showcase and sell hogs, beef, goats, and lambs. The event had 30 exhibitors weigh their animals in, a judge evaluated the animals on show in a market class, and the youth sold their projects in the afternoon to over 50 buyers that came out that day. It takes a village; and this event was a true testament of the Deer Park community and surrounding communities, with over 30 volunteers that donated their time and efforts for the event.


Youth ExhibitorSpecies- Market Evaluation ResultBuyerChair Sponsor
Jeshua DemmickSwine- Grand ChampionCountry Store- Michelle MuirRod and Carri Breckner Family
Mathew SpragueSwine- Reserve Grand ChampionKnight ConstructionRod and Carri Breckner
Julie SpragueSwine- Blue 1Knight Construction 
Melody AdrianSwine- Blue 2Les Schwab Tires 
Gunner BrecknerSwine- Blue 3Lazy L Farms 
Nevaeh MobleyLamb- Grand ChampionKnight ConstructionBart and Rebecca Fouts
Porter WhitmoreLamb- Reserve Grand ChampionCountry Store- Michelle MuirBart and Rebecca Fouts
Nolan StaggLamb- Blue 1Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Haley OgleLamb- Blue 2Les Schwab Tires 
Sydney LaVasseurLamb- Blue 3Les Schwab Tires 
Marcus MLamb- Blue 4Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Abigial LeVasseurLamb- Blue 5Knight Construction 
Kyndra HallauerLamb- Blue 6Bart and Rebecca Fouts 
Rilynn FryeLamb- Blue 7Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Austin LeVasseurLamb- Blue 8Knight Construction 
Kaili LaVasseurLamb- Blue 9Knight Construction and Shane McNevin 
Raymond SLamb- Blue 10Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Emma WilsonGoat- Grand ChampionCountry Store- Michelle MuirBart and Rebecca Fouts
Olya LibenowGoat- Reserve Grand ChampionPizza FactoryBart and Rebecca Fouts
Margaret St. AmandGoat- Blue 1Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Jacob FaustiGoat- Blue 2Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Joseph FaustiGoat- Blue 3Country Store- Michelle Muir 
James KetchamGoat- Blue 4Knight Construction 
Samantha FaustiGoat- Blue 5Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Eisa FGoat- Blue 6Country Store- Michelle Muir 
Mason DeboltBeef- Grand ChampionCountry Store- Michelle MuirDunrenton Ranch LLC
Sadie FoutsBeef- Reserve Grand ChampionKnight ConstructionDunrenton Ranch LLC
Dally WolfeBeef- Blue 1Knight Construction 
Ryder WolfeBeef- Blue 2Shane McNevin 
Sydney BrecknerBeef- Blue 3Knight Construction 
Deer Park FFA Alumni Booster HogDonated by: Holford Show PigsCared for: Gary and Sara Cotter and Rod and Carri Breckner FamiliesBuyer: Knight Construction
Donors:Country StoreLisa KnightJames KnightLazy L FarmsPizza FactoryJoel and Dianne EstesShrauger FarmsDunrenton Ranch LLCJeff KetchumRod and Carri BrecknerEric and Debbie KellerRod Sr and Debbie BrecknerRobert and Angela EarleyKen SouzaRuth Pagac

Photos By Erica Whitmore

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