Business Of The Month

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce sponsors a once a month article in the Deer Park Gazette called Business Of The Month. At their monthly meetings, the Chamber randomly draws a business to be highlighted in the paper. The chosen business is responsible for writing and submitting the article and an image to the paper in a timely manner.

This is YOUR article about YOUR business. Here are guidelines of what to include in your article:

  • A little about your business’s history
  • The products/services you offer
  • What makes your business stand out from others like it
  • The bottom of the article needs to contain contact information to help new customers reach you.


  • The length of your article needs to be 300 words or less.


  • You can submit multiple images with your article, however no more than 1 may be printed.  More may be used in the online version of the article.
  • Image(s) must be high resolution 
    • Minimum of 4 inches wide
    • 300 pixels per inch
  • Images will be in color on the website and black and white in print.


  • Articles must be submitted by the 15th of the month following your winning month. (e.g. If your winning raffle was drawn the 20th of August, you have until the 25th of September to submit your article and images.) If you miss your deadline you may have forfeited your spot as Business of the Month. Please contact the Chamber if this occurs to see if arrangements can be made. Please adhere to the deadline to ensure the best outcome.


  • Send your article and photo to the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce. Please be sure to proof-read and edit your work completely. Post submission changes will be made if your article is over 300 words or includes errors. The Gazette nor the Chamber of Commerce will be held liable for errors and changes needed to comply with this agreement.

Though the Business Of The Month space is offered for free through the Chamber of Commerce, the Deer Park Gazette does offer writing and editing services for a fee. Members of local chambers of commerce are eligible for discounts on services and advertisements

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